Six tips to prevent your suitcase from being stolen or opened at the airport

Six tips to prevent your suitcase from being stolen or opened at the airport

Traveling by plane for whatever reason, is quite an experience that involves a long process at the airport. There are protocols that we have to comply with yes or yes to get on the plane. Documenting our luggage (if required) and going through the security filters of the air terminals, the area where our bags and everything we take with us are registered, are two of these requirements that we want to highlight.

It is increasingly common to hear about the increase in theft of luggage and belongings at airports. This can happen at times when we lose control over our belongings for a while and they remain under the protection of airlines and airport security, such as the moments mentioned above. 

For this reason, we want to share six tips to avoid being a victim of being robbed or opening your suitcase and having a bad experience when starting or ending your trip. Take note:

1. Take pictures of your suitcase and belongings before documenting it.

This serves as proof of the condition of your suitcase before it is delivered to the airline's custody. If you have a problem with your luggage, whether it is delivered to you broken, damaged, open or even if it was lost, you will have solid proof to claim the airline and receive the corresponding compensation.

2. Placing a suitcase, a double-edged sword


  • It offers an extra reinforcement of resistance, although a rigid suitcase is already rigid by itself.
  • It can be very useful to protect it from scratches or scratches.
  • It would let you know immediately if your suitcase was tampered with.
  • Recommended especially for soft suitcases or without a lock.


  • It has an extra cost.
  • You need to pack the suitcase before documenting it.
  • It can be difficult to spot it in the baggage belt if many people had the same idea as you.
  • It can represent a more attractive theft, since it can be thought that it contains valuable things that you want to protect.

3. Padlock or TSA insurance?

Definitely a suitcase that has an integrated TSA numerical combination insurance  It is essential for security and if it also has an inverted zipper it is ideal.

A trick that is used to open suitcases is to poke the zipper with a sharp object and it can be done without leaving any trace of what happened. How do they do that? It is easier with suitcases that have an external lock, since it allows them to separate the zipper with the sharp object and then slide the pullers back to close the zipper, leaving it as if nothing had happened. Probably when you realize the robbery, you will already be in your hotel.

An integrated TSA-approved number combination lock makes this task less attractive for several reasons:

  • It makes it impossible to slide the squeegees when they are attached to the safety
  • If they were to damage the zipper you would immediately notice it, since they could not close it again
  • When the squeegees remain fixed in the safety, It makes it difficult to put your hand in to get something out.
  • The inverted zipper is another option to consider when buying a suitcase, this gives extra reinforcement and prevents the zipper from being bitten.

The TSA-approved number combination lock also has its advantages, as these locks have a master key that only airport authorities have and that is used only in  In case you need to inspect your luggage for any particular reason, which allows them to open the suitcase without hurting it.

4. Type of suitcase

Your belongings are the most important thing and having a good suitcase to protect them is an investment that you will not regret.

Some details that you can pay attention to when buying a suitcase:

  • Material: Buy a thick polycarbonate suitcase. There are various types of plastic that are used to manufacture luggage and not all of them are of high quality. Suitcases made of ABS plastic, although they are cheaper, since ABS is a thin, lower quality and too rigid plastic, it makes it susceptible to breaking. It is better to choose a case made with polycarbonate, which is a stronger type of plastic, but at the same time flexible, such as Strahyd cases made with a double layer of German Bayer polycarbonate . We recommend rigid suitcases, since these are more difficult to open. Flexible suitcases are usually more prone to some kind of theft.

  • Color does matter: One way to make it easier to identify your suitcase over the others is to choose a suitcase with a striking color. So when a large volume of bags hits the baggage belt, yours will immediately stand out.

  • Unique Details: Another way to differentiate your suitcase, even if you come across another suitcase identical to yours, is to place stickers or a suitcase identifier that allows you to differentiate it.

  • Security System: As we mentioned before, that the suitcase has an integrated numerical combination insurance is an essential quality characteristic and necessary to reinforce security.

  • Wheels: The dynamics in airports can be overwhelming, taking a suitcase with you that makes it easier for you to move is something that you will be grateful for. We recommend choosing one with four wheels so that you can slide it with greater ease and agility. It's different pulling a suitcase than sliding it next to you as you walk. The Strahyd cases feature four sets of Japanese Hinomoto Silent-Run wheels that are quiet and smooth to ride. In addition, these wheels have mileage tests to approve their resistance and durability.

5. Use technology to your advantage

Using a GPS locator such as the Airtag can be very useful to have that extra control of your luggage when it is out of reach. In case of living the bad experience that your luggage has not arrived or they give it as lost, with this tool you can help you and the airline to recover your luggage.

6. Take legal notes of your airline's responsibility for your baggage.

Although all this serves to prevent you, there is always the possibility that some unfortunate event could happen, so it is important that you stay informed about your rights when traveling by plane as well as inform yourself about the baggage clauses stipulated in the service contract. of air transport, especially in the event that you may need compensation for damage or loss of luggage.

Other tips to consider:

  • Never carry valuables in your suitcase to document
  • Do not carry money in your suitcase
  • Take your electronic devices with you
  • Do not bring prohibited items to avoid staff having to open your bag after a scan.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance. This can be very useful for baggage claims, flight cancellations, among other things.
  • Travel light with a carry-on suitcase that you can take into the cabin with you.

These luggage characteristics can be found in our Strahyd suitcases, a Mexican brand focused on developing quality travel products and timeless design.

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